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    Founded in 1993, Big Bridge Academy is a fully accredited, non-profit, coeducational independent school educating approximately 2,300 students of Grades 1 through 12. As a preeminent college-preparatory institution, the Academy is committed to a tradition of academic excellence and social responsibility by preparing its students for college and for lives of productivity, contribution, and fulfillment.

    1.jpgThe academic goal of the Academy is to provide students a specialized education that emphasizes on the acquisition of knowledge and the development of abilities. To this end, Big Bridge provides a faculty distinguished by the qualification, dedication, and personal character of its members. The Academy provides the faculty and staff with the facilities, equipment, technology, curriculum material, and support necessary to accomplish this goal.

    The nurturing, well-trained and dedicated teachers at Lower School are experts at planning for children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth, bringing out each student’s special talents, and growing his or her self-esteem. Our children are taught respect, acceptance, cooperation, and caring. The curriculum follows the standards and guidelines set forth by the provincial education bureau and includes Language Arts (Grammar, Writing, Literature), Reading, Social Studies (History, Geography), Mathematics, Science, Computer Literacy, World Language, Art, Music, and Physical Education. The program makes certain that students obtain the very best in early education and establish a solid foundation to go forward on their educational journey. We ensure our children are not only educated, but also confident in their abilities.

    With its exceptional academic records, Big Bridge’s Upper School attracts academically talented students from the Greater Wuxi region as well as from other parts of Jiangsu Province. Test scores have consistently ranked the Upper School of the Academy as the best school in Wuxi and among the very few top ones in the province in the past five years. Annually, academic teams representing Big Bridge have returned with the highest honors from regional and provincial levels of competition. In recent years, 100% of its students graduate to four-year colleges with many of them ending up in the nation’s top schools such as Tsinghua, Peking, Fudan, Nanjing, etc. Starting from 1996, about a dozen 9th graders are each year admitted with full scholarships into Hwa Chong Institution and Nanyang Girl’s High School of Singapore to complete their high school education. Many of them have ultimately enrolled into world-renowned institutions, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cambridge, and Oxford, among others.

    The school is located in the city of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, a city by the side of scenic Lake Tai with a population of 4.5 million. A big city 128 km/80 miles west of Shanghai, Wuxi can be easily accessed through air, by rail, or from the major highways passing through the city.


    2.jpgEnrollment: 2786 students 2013-2014 school yearGrade: 1 to 12Grade Level Make-up: 52.6% male, 47.4% femaleFaculty with Advanced Degree: 100%2014 Graduates Enrolled in College: 100%Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu, 128km (80 miles) from Shanghai    

    学前街校区:学前街38号    菱湖校区:菱湖大道9号(菱湖大道与具区路交叉路口)    电话: 0510-81896789
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